August 8, 2017

About us

General Information


Established on September 4, 2012 as a company in Malaysia. Low Yet Center means cheap but have

a good quality. These name was chosen because it is in line with the company’s objective of offering

cheap and quality products and services. Prior to this, Low Yet Center was known as SERIM SDN

BHD. Then, turn to the KLS Innovation Center. However, in mid-2016, the name has been changed to

the Low Yet Center. In addition, the name Low Yet is very synonymous among Malaysians. Low Yet

Center was incorporated as a company in Malaysia and fully owned by Bumiputera. The name of Low

Yet Center is an acronym for Scientific, Educational, Research, & Innovation Management.  The

company has a group of professional members and experts in the handling of scientific and technical

equipment. Lastly, the company is capable of conducting research, development, and innovation.




We intend to gradually and systematically equip ourselves to become an innovative manufacturing,

services and trading company, achieving the goal of becoming a well-diversified conglomerate





We aim to be a progressive and innovative company that will optimize resources in producing high

value added quality products and services for total customer satisfaction and in doing so generate

maximum returns for our investors.










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